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Zombie Apocalypse -Mod-

v2.2 Release Notes:



  • Fixed all tuning errors a
    Huge Thanks to ScarletsRealm for educating me on their potential harm.
  • Added a new interaction: Look For Survival Items, this interaction is available when clicking on a terrain "floor" once selected, your sim will dig for survival items with a chance of finding something.
  • Added a new interaction: Claim Nearby Survival Items, this interaction is available when clicking on a survival item, once selected, your sim will route to the item to grab it, then all nearby items will be moved to their inventory. Huge thanks to MizoreYukii for the tag injector script making this interaction possible.
  • Added a new option: Give/Remove Zombification Immunity To/From. This option will make your sims immune to the virus, they can still get bitten by zombies but they will never turn into a zombie.
    I'm adding a vaccine survival item in the future to make your sims immune.
  • Nemesis and Jill Valentine are now immune to the Zombification Virus.
  • The "Infect All Sims" global option will no longer turn the active sim who selected the option into a zombie, additionally the option will no longer effect Nemesis, Jill Valentine, or a sim who has the Zombification Immunity option.
  • The "Give Survival Weapons And Traits" option now gives a handgun and a radio on top of the other survival items.
  • The active sim and targeted sim are now available in the sim picker options.
  • Improved the handgun shooting animation, sound and visual effects. More animation improvements are planned for the future.
  • Jill Valentine's helicopter rope will now show up correctly when she arrives/leaves the lot.
  • Sims will no longer shoot Nemesis if he is already defeated and is laying on the ground.
  • Decreased the chances of Nemesis attacking a sim to prevent routing issues, this will be improved further in the future.
  • Nemesis will now run instead of walking slowly.
  • The "Run Here" interaction will now work correctly despite of the distance.
  • Sims will now scream in multiple animations without requiring "Jungle Adventures" gamepack.
  • Sims who are immune to death will now die even if they have an immune to death trait. Thanks to Frankk for providing the script to make this work.
  • Corrected the interaction's name : "Infect All Sims District" to "Infect All Sims In District"
  • More improvements will come in the future, but I need to focus on fixing the tuning errors for other mods for now.
    Enjoy the release and thank you for your support!

v2.1 Release Notes:


  • Fixed goals not completing properly for the "Police broadcast" social event.
  • Fixed death animations not playing correctly for Teen zombies.
  • Improved the Assault Rifle's shooting sounds.
  • Improved the animation for dodging Nemesis's punch.
  • Fixed ghost zombies flashing in different colors, this issue has been reported by my friend OnyxAngel22 more than a year ago and has been brought up recently by ScarletsRealm, it should've been fixed then due to its severity of causing a seizure to players who suffer from epilepsy, but I have failed to do it at the time due to my lack luster organizing skills. If you have been effected by this glitch, I am sincerely sorry, I hope that you are doing well now.