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The Sims 4 Slow Dancing -Mod- Release Notes:
Express Your true love by having a romantic slow dance with your loved one.

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  • Updates:


  • V 1.1


  • Updated the python script version to V 3.7
  • Fixed all tuning errors caused by leftover codes or misused terms.


     (Note: this doesn't change anything for you as a player, but it will help me update the mod faster in the future in case the game released an

     update with changed codes)

  • Thanks to Helen The Hunter for fixing the tuning errors when I was on a break ♥


  • Improved the slow dancing animations entry & exit; sims should no longer briefly switch to stand still before starting/ending the animations.
  • Thanks to SimsGodDominic for providing the posture injector script & to MizoreYukii, PandaSama & Frankk for helping figure things out ♥


  • Added animation speed varieties, sims will automatically dance a bit slower/ a bit faster with each move.
  • Slightly increased the speed of the slow dancing animations
  • The (Embrace) & (Makeout) interactions that are available while slow dancing will now show up at the front page of the interactions selection menu once you click on the sim that you're slow dancing with.
  • Selecting the (Embrace) & (Makeout) interactions while slow dancing will now start immediately.
  • Both sims that are slow dancing will now increase their fun & social needs.


  • Thanks to OnyxAngel for maintaining the Sacrificial's Mods discord server, testing and documenting errors & helping players with questions and issues ♥
  • Key Features


  • This mod adds a new interaction: Slow Dance With (Sim)
  • Available in the Romance pie-menu.
  • Unlocks when you establish a small romantic relationship with a sim.
  • Upon selection the two sims will start slow dancing shuffling through multiple dancing steps.
  • They will also gain friendship/romantic relationship & will help them ease down the negative moodlets.
  • Requires Basegame only.


  • Slow Dance Pie Menu

  • When the two sims are slow dancing You'll have access to a new pie menu called "Slow Dance"
  • Embrace
  • Makeout

      with the sim that you're dancing with.


Enjoy The Release And Thank You So Much For Your Amazing Support