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Sim Torments -Mod-

v1.3 Release Notes:


  • Fixed all tuning errors a
  • Huge Thanks to ScarletsRealm for educating me on their potential harm and suggesting helpful tools to identify them.
  • Sims with CUSTOM immortality traits will now be able to die for deaths occurring from the mod.

Huge Thanks to Frankk for helping with the script! ♥

  • Improved the sound and effect for the "Axe To The Head" deadly torment.
  • Added explosion sound to the "Blow Up" deadly torment.
  • Sims will now scream in multiple animations without requiring "Jungle Adventures" gamepack.
  • The "Burn With Acid" deadly torment's acid effect will now stop when the interaction is over even after resurrecting the sim.
  • Removed death reactions for the instant death torments (Drown Sim, Send To Hell, Suck Into The Abyss) to prevent a circumstantial last exception error from occurring due to a sim not existing anymore while the sim is trying to route to them.
  • The "Fix Deformed Face" interaction will now show up if the sim has the deformed face "Hat" Cas item equipped and will remove that Cas item when you choose the interaction even if that sim doesn't have the "Deformed Face" moodlet equipped.
  • The icon for the "Make Sim Puke" torment will now show up for base game players


Additional Credits:


  • Huge thanks to OnyxAngel, Sulpicia, ViralKat, and anyone else who help out in my discord server & offer assistance with reports and updates I appreciate you so much .
  • Thank you all so much for your support and for being patient with the update times, I hope that you'll enjoy the update.