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Road To Fame -Mod-

V 0.5 D3 Release Notes:

Reactions Fix:

  • Sims with the "Disabled Reactions" option enabled should no longer react to anything from the Road To Fame mod, including reacting to a sim who has won a street dancing competition.
  • Increased the distance of Fans & Paparazzi detecting a famous sim and reacting to them.

Huge thanks to Empress Kiki.B-IC for reporting the issue in my discord server!

V 0.5 D2 Release Notes:

Get Together Closets Hotfix:

  • Fixed an issue for players with Get Together Expansion pack installed where sims couldn't route to the "Walk In Closets" if you have the "Celebrity Trailer" package installed.

Huge thanks to Jimantha for reporting the issue in my discord server & I apologize for the oversight.

V 0.5 D Release Notes:


  • Fixed all tuning errors a
  • Huge Thanks to ScarletsRealm for educating me on their potential harm and suggesting helpful tools to identify them.
  • Changed the mod's main icon + icons for some interactions.
  • The "Celebrity Trailer" + "Camera On Tripod" objects have been recreated to be base game compatible, you will now be able to buy, place & use the items and most interactions without needing expansion packs, except for romantic interactions for the Celebrity Trailer which unfortunately requires get together Ep.
  • Improved the textures for the "Celebrity Trailer" Object & added a pink recolor.
  • Added 2 new "Rotate Camera" interactions for the "Camera On Tripod" object where you can rotate the camera around while taking the photos instead of rotating the sim.
  • Taking a photo using the Camera On Tripod object will no longer give your sims §1 each time you run the interaction.
  • Fixed Camera On Tripod "Place In World"/"Put In Inventory" interactions failing to run due to route failure.
  • Added interactions to Activate/Deactivate The Pit Of Death's trap, sims will only fall down the pit when the trap is activated.
  • Improved the options for the Pit Of Death.
  • The Pit Of Death. will no longer summon rats
  • Children will no longer fall down Pit Of Death..
  • Paparazzi will no longer carry cameras when they are not active on the job.
  • Hiring an Assistant will no longer hire a premade sim like Geoffrey Landgraab and will hire a newly created female sim instead even if you only have Base Game.
  • Hired Assistants will now already be dressed in assistant's professional outfit on arrival, you can ask the assistant to Dress Out Of The Professional Outfit from Assistant --> Orders --> Dress Out Of Professional Outfit.
  • Replaced the Doughnut snack that you can get from Assistants with Cupcake to be base game compatible.
  • Makeup Looks applied by an Assistant will now show up correctly even if your sim already has makeup on.
  • Hiring an Assistant after dismissing one will no longer fail to hire them again.
  • Dismissing a Bodyguard will no longer cause another bodyguard to show up.
  • Dismissing a Bodyguard will no longer cause that bodyguard not to be hired again when you choose to hire a bodyguard.
  • The "Fake Passing Out" interaction from the Acting skill is now base game compatible and no longer requires Get To Work expansion pack.
  • Canceling the Practice Acting interaction will no longer cause an animation error.
  • Fixed Take Selfie For Simstagram With/With Manually not working correctly for base game.
  • Checking the sim's Attractiveness from the Modeling skill will now display the maximum (200) Simrenheit value.
  • Completing a Magazine Photo-shoot offer will now give your sim 120 fame points/1.2 fame level upon completion instead of 80 fame points/0.8 fame level.
  • The "Professional Singing" pie-menu will now be hidden if you don't have City Living Expansion Pack Installed, however, if you increase the Professional Singing skill using the mod's Cheat Options, you can still access the interactions that work without needing the Expansion Pack to be installed.
  • Releasing a Song/Album will now display the correct amount of released songs/albums instead of being the actual amount +1 extra.
  • Added Street Dance For Money With Squad + Perform Mixed Dance Moves With Squad + Go Here interactions to the Street Dancing Rug.
  • Improved the animation of recording a video of celebrity/street dancer.
  • Children will no longer do the "Take Photo" reaction that made them float in the air.
  • Performing dance moves on a Street Dancing Rug will now contribute to the street dancing competition's perform dance moves goal being completed.
  • Your sim will now gain much more Street Popularity + StreetTok Followers when street dancing in front of other sims or when recording dance moves for StreetTok.
  • Cheats will now correctly change attributes to the targeted sim instead of the active sim who selected the cheat

Additional Credits:


  • Huge thanks to OnyxAngel, Sulpicia, ViralKat, and anyone else who help out in my discord server & offer assistance with reports and updates I appreciate you so much .
  • Thank you all so much for your support and for being patient with the update times, I hope that you'll enjoy the update.

V 0.5 C Release Notes:




  • Added StreetTok promotable products:
  • Upon reaching 1 Million StreetTok followers, your sim will now receive promotional products to promote on their StreetTok platform.
  • Once receiving a product your sim will be able to promote it using the "Phone On Tripod" object that can be purchased from the "Street Dancing" pie menu.
  • Your sim will receive §1000 upon promoting the product.
  • Your sim can receive 5 different promotable products
  • You can disable/enable receiving the promotable products from the mod's "Options" menu.







Fixes And Enhancements:


  • Fixed social event goals sometimes not getting completed correctly, like Concert/Meet & Greet goals.
  • Fixed reactions glitch at concerts where children used improper animations that made their bodies stretch.
  • Gifts received from fans will now include way more items and varieties.
  • The notification for receiving a gift from fans will now show the name of the received item as well as whether it was placed in the sim's personal inventory or the household's inventory.
  • Fixed the "Woohoo On The Spot/Try For Baby On The Spot" not showing up in the pie menu.
  • Fixed "Mess Around On The Spot" showing up for Adult to Teen sims and vice versa.
  • Obsessed fans will no longer place trash and wedding cakes in the world.
  • Fixed the complete (street dancing competition - away) giving double rewards.
  • Sims will no longer react to a street dancing competition winner if either they or the winner are asleep.

    Special thanks to MizoreYukii for providing the Tag Injector script