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Road To Fame -Mod-

V 0.5 C Release Notes:




  • Added StreetTok promotable products:
  • Upon reaching 1 Million StreetTok followers, your sim will now receive promotional products to promote on their StreetTok platform.
  • Once receiving a product your sim will be able to promote it using the "Phone On Tripod" object that can be purchased from the "Street Dancing" pie menu.
  • Your sim will receive §1000 upon promoting the product.
  • Your sim can receive 5 different promotable products
  • You can disable/enable receiving the promotable products from the mod's "Options" menu.







Fixes And Enhancements:


  • Fixed social event goals sometimes not getting completed correctly, like Concert/Meet & Greet goals.
  • Fixed reactions glitch at concerts where children used improper animations that made their bodies stretch.
  • Gifts received from fans will now include way more items and varieties.
  • The notification for receiving a gift from fans will now show the name of the received item as well as whether it was placed in the sim's personal inventory or the household's inventory.
  • Fixed the "Woohoo On The Spot/Try For Baby On The Spot" not showing up in the pie menu.
  • Fixed "Mess Around On The Spot" showing up for Adult to Teen sims and vice versa.
  • Obsessed fans will no longer place trash and wedding cakes in the world.
  • Fixed the complete (street dancing competition - away) giving double rewards.
  • Sims will no longer react to a street dancing competition winner if either they or the winner are asleep.

    Special thanks to MizoreYukii for providing the Tag Injector script