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The Sims 4 Nights Of Terror -Mod- Release Notes:
Experience The Relentless Hunt Of The Blood Huntress

Note: This is the stable alpha 2 version of v0.1
 more features will be added after I finish fixing tuning errors with the other mods.
Thank you for your patience ♥



  • Key Features:


  • This mod adds a new Pie-Menu called Nights Of Terror
  • Summon The Blood Huntress to your world using one of her Mystical Roses.
  • Note: This mod uses a custom sim template, please turn off MCCC's Import Tray Sim feature before summoning The Blood Huntress, otherwise MCCC will pick a random sim from your gallery.
  • After The Blood Huntress is summoned, she will kill anyone in her way for 3 hours, unless that sim is protected.
  • Protect yourself and others from the hunt by acquiring a Guardian Mystical Rose.
  • Sims who die from this mod will turn into skeletal remains after around 1 sim hour, this replaces the urnstones for deaths that occur from this mod only, the grim reaper doesn't show up to reap their souls, instead they will automatically turn to skeletal remains.
  • The mod has multiple options to customize your experience.
  • You can purchase The Blood Huntress's Portraits as a decorational item from build/buy mode.
  • Please check the screenshots below for more information.





  • Optional Download:






  • Planned Features




  • Survival elements:
    Your sims will not die instantly from The Blood Huntress's attack, instead, they will be injured and have the ability to heal themselves or others using a healing item (Similar to the Zombie Apocalypse -Mod-).
  • Your sims will be able to purchase weapons that they can use to defeat The Blood Huntress (Similar to Nemesis from the Zombie Apocalypse -Mod-).
  • Your sims will be able to look for weapons/spells in the world to use against The Blood Huntress
  • A hook system, similar to the hooks from (Dead By Daylight) game, where your sims will have to break free or be rescued by other sims before dying, The Blood Huntress will summon a giant rose and thornes to capture your sim and drain them from their blood.
  • An interactive notification dialog where you'll have to repeatedly click on an icon for a certain amount of time in order to break free.
  • Spells/Items that your sims will be able to use in order to summon elementals (Spirits/Skeletons) to help them defeat The Blood Huntress.
  • Optional Nights Of Terror themed loading screen.


Future Versions:

  • A variety of known different killers such as:
  • Ghost face, Michael Myers, Chucky, etc...
  • Original killers created by me, similar to The Blood Huntress & the 5 killers from the Life Tragedies -Mod-
  • Each killer should have unique items/weapons that you can use against in order to defeat them, and unique attack/murders that they will perform on your sims.

Enjoy The Release And Thank You So Much For Your Amazing Support