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Life Tragedies -Mod-

V 1.2.5 Release Notes:


  • The mod has been united into 1 version, there are no longer 2 separate versions of the mod "Base Game Version" & "Get To Work Version" it's now combined into 1 version with the tests being performed through the mod's script file instead of having to manually choose what expansion pack you have.

      Thanks to Lot51 for helping with the script! ♥

  • Fixed an issue where a sim would not get kidnapped correctly if the player didn't have testing cheats enabled.

      (This caused the kidnapped sim to stay in the household and not leave with the kidnapper)

  • Your sim will no longer get kidnapped if they were the only (Teen-Elder) HUMAN sim in the household.
  • When getting kidnapped, the "Get Kidnapped" interaction will no longer get queued over and over again, it will queue once and keep running.
  • Added a tool-tip to the "Contact Kidnappers" interaction so the player would know why they can't contact the kidnappers yet.
  • Fixed an issue where cops never showed up if you didn't have Get To Work EP installed.
  • Fixed an error that you would get if you travel to the hospital location to have surgery performed if you didn't have my "Zombie Apocalypse -Mod-" installed
  • You can now travel to the hospital location to have surgery performed alone without receiving a last exception error.
  • You can now purchase multiple items again from the "Purchase Serial Killer Items" interaction.
  • Fixed random animations last exception errors that could occur if a sim was supposed to play an animation but was interrupted by a different interaction/animation.
  • Added an interaction to Willard Klaine's fire ash "Destroy Fire's Ash" to immediately destroy the ash left by Willard Klain's Fire.
  • You can now "Smoke Cigarette" by clicking on the Cigarette in your sims inventory
  • Removed interaction restrictions for serial killers, you can now access all interactions when you click on them.
  • Disabled player controlled murders in schools.
  • Fixed a few text typos.
  • Thanks for reporting errors and to OnyxAngel22 for testing and documenting the errors