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Life Tragedies -Mod-

V 1.3.2 Release Notes:


  • Fixed an issue with the shocked reaction canceling user directed interactions.

Huge Thanks to uhcats for reporting the bug and bringing it to my attention.

  • "Jason Voorhees" will now kill playable + unplayable sims more efficiently when spawned from the "No Mercy" menu, and will no longer spawn campers when spawned from the  "No Mercy" menu.

Huge Thanks to nyx for suggesting the improvements.

V 1.3.1 Release Notes:


  • Disabled death reactions for the medical examiner from Sim Realist's Mortem mod, that way they can correctly examine the dead bodies and take them for examination.
  • Added a sim picker option for reactions "Disable/Enable Reactions For *Sim Picker"
  • The disabled reactions trait/option can now be equipped to children and toddlers.

V 1.3 Release Notes:


  • Fixed all tuning errors a
  • Huge Thanks to ScarletsRealm for educating me on their potential harm and suggesting helpful tools to identify them.
  • The selected Tragedy Occurrence Speed will now also apply to newly created sims who have been created after the option has been selected.

      Thanks to Lot51 for helping with the script! ♥

  • Fixed an issue where the "Very Fast" tragedy occurrence speed would remain active even after changing the speed to something else.
  • Adjusted the "Very Slow" tragedy occurrence speed option, tragedies will now trigger much slower, around 1 tragedy per week for the active household.
  • Disabling/Enabling certain tragedies will now also apply to newly created sims who have been created after the option has been selected.
  • Updated the mod's main icon & "Tragedies" pie-menu icon.
  • Changed the mood for some moodlets from "Terrified" mood to the game's "Scared" mood.
  • Added a new debug option "Force Add To Household" available in the mod's debug options menu, this option ignores the maximum 8 sims count and adds the sim to your household regardless.
  • Added a new option to "Protect Sim From Murder/Death" available in the mod's options menu, this will prevent the sim's death from interactions related to the Life Tragedies mod
  • Sims with CUSTOM immortality traits will now be able to die for deaths occurring from the Life Tragedies -Mod- Unless protected from death using the "Protect Sim From Death" Option.

Thanks to Frankk for helping with the script! ♥

  • Added an additional new moodlet for witnessing a killer.
  • Killers and sims with the disabled reactions or the murderer buff will no longer react to death occuring from the Life tragedies mod.
  • Improved the serial killers story writing that you can read when selecting "Look For Info About The Killer" on a wanted sim's poster or paper.
  • You can now call the police by clicking on a burglar/serial killer.
  • Decreased the intensity of Willard Kilne's fire ashes, his fire ashes will no longer spread to start more fires and will extinguish themselves within a short time.
  • You can now select the "Blaze The Area" interaction by clicking on the "Blazing Hot Flame Thrower" from your sim's inventory even when you have Extreme Violence mod installed: Note, if you already have the object in your sim's inventory you will have to purchase it again in order for the interaction to show up,  you can sell the old object.
  • A sim that has started a fire using the "Blazing Hot Flame Thrower" will no longer panic from the fire of try to extinguish it.
  • The ash that appears from fires started by the "Blazing Hot Flame Thrower"/Willard Kline Serial Killer will now auto destroy itself shortly after the fire is out.
  • Sims that catch on fire from the "Blazing Hot Flame Thrower" can now be extinguished.
  • The "Blazing Hot Flame Thrower"'s gas tank will now show the texture correctly.
  • Playable sims with the "Armed Robber Option/Trait" can now steal more object types.
  • If a player controlled sim can't reach an object to steal they will now steal it regardless but will be done while standing in place.
  • Sims will no longer come back and run away off the lot after getting arrested by police.
  • Cops will now jump down from the helicopter after arresting a sim.
  • "Remove Kidnapped Trait For This Sim" Debug Option is now available for children & toddlers.
  • "Remove Kidnapped Trait For This Sim" Debug Option is now available on kidnapped sims that are in the "Rescue Sim" situation & when summoning a kidnapped sim from the mod's debug options.
  • Selecting the "Remove Kidnapped Trait For This Sim" will now remove the sim from the kidnapped sim situation and all interactions will become available again.
  • Receiving a text from kidnappers now unlocks the "Contact Kidnappers" interaction for all sims in the household and not only the sim who receives the text.
  • Added buttons on the dialogs that you receive from kidnappers to transfer money directly & to travel to the kidnapped sim's location.
  • Rescuing a kidnapped sim will now show the rescue dialog once & give the proper moodlets to each sim.
  • Improved the outcome of rescuing a kidnapped child or toddler. (Notification Display Count/The way interactions run)
  • Player controlled kidnapping will now add the kidnapped sim to your household even if you have 8 sims in the household.
  • Fixed a visual issue with "Jim Pickens Brain Washing Helmet" casting black lines on a sim's face.
  • Brain washing a kidnapped sim will no longer cause the family members not to take them home after paying the ransom money.
  • Added an interaction on kidnapped sims family members to "Demand Money Payment" this interaction will force the family members to pay the money immediately in case they are taking a long time to pay it.
  • After the ransom money is paid the family should hug the kidnapped sim and then go home instead of being stuck in a loop of hugging each other.
  • Improved the injured walkstyle and fixed a glitch where a sim would continue to hold their stomach moments after they stop routing.
  • Sims can now be revived successfully for deaths occurring from the mod.
  • Corrected a typo in the murder notification from "sim has bee''m'' murdered!" to "sim has bee''n'' murdered!
  • Having a surgery at a hospital location will now have your sim to lay down in the correct surgery table and the surgery will start correctly.
  • Succeeding a fatal wound surgery will no longer cure a sim from fatal illness.
  • I'm unhappy with the way having surgery at a hospital location from get to work EP is performed, I have tried to change the interaction to a custom one instead of it saying "Having Baby" but all of my attempts have failed unfortunately, it seems that those interactions are hard coded into the object and doesn't allow custom interactions for it. In the future, I'm planning to create a custom hospital bed instead where your sims will have surgery performed without needing GET TO WORK, but you'll need to place the hospital bed in a venue.
  • Improved "Smoke A Cigarette" sounds, and prevented the sim's voice from being heard when the camera is not near the sim.
  • Smoking a Cigarette from inventory will now correctly play the outro animation correctly.

Enjoy The Release And Thank You So Much For Your Amazing Support

V 1.2.5 Release Notes:


  • The mod has been united into 1 version, there are no longer 2 separate versions of the mod "Base Game Version" & "Get To Work Version" it's now combined into 1 version with the tests being performed through the mod's script file instead of having to manually choose what expansion pack you have.

      Thanks to Lot51 for helping with the script! ♥

  • Fixed an issue where a sim would not get kidnapped correctly if the player didn't have testing cheats enabled.

      (This caused the kidnapped sim to stay in the household and not leave with the kidnapper)

  • Your sim will no longer get kidnapped if they were the only (Teen-Elder) HUMAN sim in the household.
  • When getting kidnapped, the "Get Kidnapped" interaction will no longer get queued over and over again, it will queue once and keep running.
  • Added a tool-tip to the "Contact Kidnappers" interaction so the player would know why they can't contact the kidnappers yet.
  • Fixed an issue where cops never showed up if you didn't have Get To Work EP installed.
  • Fixed an error that you would get if you travel to the hospital location to have surgery performed if you didn't have my "Zombie Apocalypse -Mod-" installed
  • You can now travel to the hospital location to have surgery performed alone without receiving a last exception error.
  • You can now purchase multiple items again from the "Purchase Serial Killer Items" interaction.
  • Fixed random animations last exception errors that could occur if a sim was supposed to play an animation but was interrupted by a different interaction/animation.
  • Added an interaction to Willard Klaine's fire ash "Destroy Fire's Ash" to immediately destroy the ash left by Willard Klain's Fire.
  • You can now "Smoke Cigarette" by clicking on the Cigarette in your sims inventory
  • Removed interaction restrictions for serial killers, you can now access all interactions when you click on them.
  • Disabled player controlled murders in schools.
  • Fixed a few text typos.
  • Thanks for reporting errors and to OnyxAngel22 for testing and documenting the errors