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Life Manager -MOD-
V 1.3 Release Notes: The mod has been renamed to "Life Manager" since it features more than autonomy at this point.
 Added 2 new interactions 
 -Reset Active Household -Reset All Sims In Current District

 Added a new category "Suppress Motives"
 -A menu containing interactions to suppress certain motives that you don't want to have on a sim, suppressing a motive will also suppress the sim's need to use that motive. Example: Suppressing the bladder motive will remove the need to use a bathroom/peeing self. Added "Props" Category Suggested by (onlyabidoang)
-Requires (Testingcheats on) Cheat
 -After enabling the cheat you can (Shift + Click) on certain objects to set them as a prop in your sim's hand, there are 10 different templates for now it'll be improved in the future to allow for manual position editing. -You can use TwistedMexi's T.O.O.L mod to adjust the prop position to your desired location while keeping it in your sims hand.
Download: Download:

A  mod that features settings that can make playing the game easier & more organized with a few clicks

Compatibility:  "Requires base game only"


A  mod that features settings that can make playing the game easier & more organized with a few clicks

Compatibility:  "Requires base game only"


Free download will be available
July 16th

Free download will be available
July 16th

Public Release
September 27th

Public Release
August 19th

V 1.4 Release Notes:


  • Added 4 New Categories

  • World
  • User Interface
  • Lot
  • Temporary Object's Preferences

  • World Interactions
  • Enable/Disable Global Death
    Sims will no longer die from anything whether it's from the game or from mods.

  • Summon Random Sims
    Spawns the maximum sims allowed in district  in front of the active lot

  • Enable/Disable Townies Summoning
    Enables/Disables townies & NPC sims from showing up in the current active district

  • Add A Random Sim To Household
    Self Explanatory

  • User Interface Interactions

  • Enable/Disable Automatic UI Responses
    If activated, the game will automatically respond to any UI choices that pop on the screen
    For example the  earbuds UI message, career choices, age up trait choose, etc....

    NOTE: This also responds to the travel map view! If you want to travel disable this option.
  • This option could be helpful if you want to leave the game running without pausing to anything
  • "The I accidentally left my sims game running all night challenge can be done properly using this without interruptions"

  • Lot Interactions

  • Enable/Disable Bills
    Self Explanatory.

  • Overdue Bills
    Cuts power and water supplies to the active household's lot until bills are paid.

  • Pay Bills
    Clears the current household's bill without deducting from the active household's money.

  • Clean Lot
    Removes any trash on the lot without requiring a sim to do it.

  • Lock/Unlock All Doors On Lot
    Self Explanatory.

  • Temporary Object's Preferences
    -Requires (Testingcheats on) Cheat

  • Add Red/Green/Blue/Black/Reset Tint To Object
    Self Explanatory.

  • Set Object's Opacity To 100%/50%/0%
    Changes the object's transparency to the available values.

  • Fade And Destroy Object "Permanent"


Additional Fixes/Changes

  • Fixed an issue where sims couldn't carry a toddler while autonomy is disabled from the mod.

  • Sims will now perform other interactions if there's nothing to do in the current selected behavior from the mod

Thank you for your support/Feedback/And Reporting the issues ♥