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The Sims 4 Extreme Violence -MOD- V2.5 Release Notes:


The best version of the Extreme Violence -MOD- yet



New Features & Improvements:


  • NPCS:

  • News Media:


  • Added "News Media" NPCs (Reporter + Cameraman).


  • By default "News Media" NPCs arrive on the scene if a sim that witnessed a murder called them, or once the police are called and have arrived to the scene.
  • You can also manually call them by selecting "Contact News Media" from the Extreme Violence Piemenu.
  • Once they arrive on the scene, they will start a filmed report on a dying sim, crime scene barricades, Urnstones/Gravestones.
  • They will also interview sims who have witnessed the murder.
  • News Media can be Disabled/Enabled from the mod's options.
  • You can manually Assign/Remove specific sims as Crime Scene Reporter/Camera Person from the mod's options.


  • Cops:


  • Updated the cops behavior, upon arrival at the scene, cops will now inspect dead bodies, take evidence notes and pictures, then place barricades where the Sim's death will be finalized, Cops will now finalize the death of dying sims instead of the Grim Reaper.
  • Updated the cops outfits to a new custom outfit.
  • Police arrests will no longer sometimes fail to send the arrested sim away to jail, or send the wrong sim to jail.
  • Cops will no longer repeatedly complain about route failure if they can't reach a sim, and will stand still instead until they can reach the sim if possible.

  • Grim Reaper:


  • The Grim Reaper will no longer show up once a sim dies from the Extreme Violence -Mod-, instead, dying sims will automatically finalize death after 4 sim hours, or will have their death finalized by cops if they were on the scene.
  • Added an option to Enable/Disable Grim Reaper automatically showing up when a sim dies from the Extreme Violence -Mod-.


  • CBT Queen:


  • CBT Queen will no longer multiply when performing Extreme CBT on sims, only 1 CBT queen will exist when called.
  • Added an interaction to remove all existing CBT Queens from your world, this will completely delete any CBT Queen in the savefile that you are playing.
  • You can find this interaction in "Gangs And Infamous Sims" piemenu when clicking on your active sim.


  • Bhad Bhabie:


  • Decreased the amount of times "Bhad Bhabie" will yell "Catch me outside, how about dat?"



  • UI Changes:


  • The mod's main icon have been changed to a new improved icon.
  • Most icons have been recreated & improved


  • Deadly interactions are now separated into different pie-menus:


  • Melee Weapon Murders
  • Firearm Murders
  • Bare-handed Murders
  • Miscellaneous Murders


  • "Gangs" Piemenu is now called "Gangs And Infamous Sims"
  • Option Traits like "Autonomous Killing", "Disabled Reactions" will now show up in your sims UI panel with proper names, icons & descriptions.
  • "Clean Self Up" Interaction is now called "Scrub Blood Off" and has a new icon.
  • "Clean Up Wounds" Interaction is now called "Heal Wounds And Bruises" and has a new icon.
  • Changed the "Serial Killer" trait's name to "Psycho Killer" along with the trait's icon and description.


  • Murders:


  • Fixed a MAJOR bug that haunted the mod for years where a random sim would die instead of the target of the murder, this often occurred when a sim is supposed to react to the murder.


  • Added 7 murders from the Life Tragedies -Mod-:
  • Lift Up & Stab Guts
  • Impale Back With Machete
  • Smash Head To The Ground
  • Stab Guts With Machete
  • Impale Guts From Behind
  • Strangle From Behind
  • Execute With Gun From Behind (With Improved animation)


  • Added a "Psycho Killer" achievement that you can obtain by murdering 3 sims.

  • Added A New Interaction "Interactive Autonomous Shooting":


  • Click on your active sim --> Extreme Violence --> "Show Autonomous Shooting Dialog"
  • Once selected, a notification will show up in the notifications wall, click on the gun icon in the notification bar to auto shoot a sim that is standing near to your sim.
  • "Finalize Death For Dying Sims" Button: Finalizes death for dying sims and sends them to Urnstones/Gravestones
  • "Generate Victims" Button: Spawns sims in front of your active sim whom you can shoot.
  • "Disable/Enable Panic Reactions" Button: Disables/Enables Panic for sims who witness the shooting.


  • Sims can now get shot with a handgun while sitting down and will play a proper death animation for it.


  • Non-Deadly Violence:


  • Fixed a bug where a random sim would be attacked when selecting looping interactions (Beat up), (Slap Drag) Etc... instead of the target of the attack, this often occurred when a sim is supposed to react to the attack.


  • Added A New Interaction "Interactive Beat-up":


  • Click on a target sim --> Extreme Violence --> Non-Deadly Violence "Beat Up (Interactive)"
  • Once selected, a notification will show up in the notifications wall, click on the fist icon in the notification bar to attack the sim, each time you click on it, your sim will perform a new attack.
  • Custom Text Input Dialog:


  • Added A New Non-Deadly Interaction "Say Something Mean To And Save Dialog (From/To Text File)":
  • Click on a target sim --> Extreme Violence --> Non-Deadly Violence "Say Something Mean To And Save Dialog (From/To Text File)"
  • Once selected, a text dialog will show up where you can input your own text.


  • This type of interaction stores the input message that you have written in the dialog to your mods folder in (Mods\SAC_Extreme Violence -Mod- Text Dialog) and uses the saved text for your future dialogs.
  • Each time that you run the interaction, a random dialog will be picked from the text file and will be used as a starting template, you can still edit the dialog before saying it.
  • Whenever you enter a new dialog and choose to say it, it automatically gets saved to the text file and will be used for future dialogs of the interaction.

  • *Optional*
  • You can edit the text file manually outside of the game to add/remove new dialogs...
  • Each dialog is separated in a new line and follows this format:


  • Title: Body Text
  • Title2: Body Text2



  • Anything that you insert before the colons : will be the title of the dialog, and anything that you insert after the colons : will be the body text of the dialog on that line.
  • The title & body text are optional, you can choose to only insert a title alone or a body text alone using this format:

    Title: (Empty)
     (Empty): Body Text

    Without adding the (Empty) term, it's just to explain that it should be left empty.

  • You can also delete any unwanted dialogs from the text file by simply erasing them from the text file then saving it.
  • This feature is totally optional, you don't have to modify the text file if you don't want to, the game will automatically save the new dialogs to the text file onc e you insert them using the interaction in the game.


  • Reactions:


  • Improved the way sims react to murders, sims will now use a variety of different animations.
  • Improved the thought bubbles for sims that witnessed a murder.
  • Sims can now react to murder while sitting down.
  • Changed the reaction to a sim who's beaten up, sims will no longer cry, instead, they will be shocked and then be curious.
  • Sims will no longer react to blood puddles negatively as "Trash"
  • Improved the thought bubbles for sims that witnessed a murder.
  • Sims can now react to murder while sitting down.
  • A sim who's beaten up will stop expressing pain once their wounds slightly heal.


  • Moodlets:


  • Moodlets like "Witnessed Murder" will now give a "Scared" mood instead of "Tense".
  • Moodlets will now show reason text, for example: (From Extreme Violence)
  • Adjusted the times for some moodlets.


  • Death And Dying Sims:


  • Sims that has been murdered using the Extreme Violence -Mod- will now have their death type set to "Murdered".
  • Murdered sims will now show up as a ghost dripping in blood.
    More improvements are planned in this area for future versions of the mod.

Huge thanks to LeRoiDeTout for creating the original script & ŁØŦ 51 for helping out with the script to make this possible.

  • Sims with custom immortality traits or newly introduced immortality traits like "Agnes Crumplebottom"  will no longer be immune to death from murders from the Extreme Violence -Mod-, this includes immortal sims that will come in future packs or updates.

Huge thanks to Frankk for providing the script to make this work.

  • You can protect your sim from deaths occurring from the Extreme Violence -Mod- by giving them the "Protect This Sim From Murder/Death" Option from the mod's options.


  • Added 7 interactions when you click on dying sims:


  • Finalize Death For (This Sim) *Reap Soul*
  • Finalize Death For (All Sims) *Reap All Souls*
  • Revive (This Sim) *Bring Back To Life*
  • Revive (All Dying Sims) *Bring Back To Life*
  • Spawn News Media To The Scene.
  • Spawn Cops To The Scene.
  • Spawn Grim Reaper To The Scene.

Huge thanks to Kuttoe for creating the script that allows interaction's to show up for certain limited buffs like "sim_is_dying"


  • The interaction Finalize Death For (All Sims) *Reap All Souls* is also available when clicking on your living active sim --> Extreme Violence --> (Send Dying Sims To Graves (Auto Reap))


  • Blood Puddles:


  • There are now 5 different blood puddle textures that could spill out after a sim is murdered.
  • Blood will now gradually spill out of a dying sim's body for all murders instead of suddenly appearing.
  • Fixed the blood puddle locations for all murders, it will no longer spawn in the wrong location.
  • Blood puddles will now display the name of the sim that the blood belongs to.
  • Mopping a blood puddle will now show red drops effects instead of blue.
  • You can now place blood puddles in your sims inventory.


  • Added 2 new interactions to blood puddles:


  • Move Nearby Blood Puddles To Inventory
  • Destroy Nearby Blood Puddles
  • These interactions are also available on Gravestones/Urnstones

Huge thanks to Mizzie @MizoreYukii for providing the tag injector script making these interactions possible.


  • Blood Stains:


  • There are now 5 different blood stain intensities that your sim will get after each murder:


  • Blood Stains Level 1: 1 Murder
  • Blood Stains Level 2: 4 Murders
  • Blood Stains Level 3: 6 Murders
  • Blood Stains Level 4: 8 Murders
  • Blood Stains Level 5: 10 Murders


Your sim will start dripping blood on Blood Stains Level 3


  • You can now wash blood off from murders or from wounds using sinks.


  • Animation Effect & Sound Improvements:


  • Added new improved sounds for all firearm weapons (Handgun, shotgun, assault rifle)
  • Improved the effects for the Handgun shot.
  • Fixed the Open Gunfire gun positions to be placed correctly in the sim's hands & improved the effects and sounds for the animation.
  • Improved the sound effects for "Bash Head With Axe" murder
  • Sims screams while getting murdered or while reacting are now base game compatible and no longer require Jungle Adventures Gamepack.


  • Psychopathic Tendencies (Aspiration):


  • The "Psychopathic Tendencies" reward trait's description will now show up when selecting the aspiration in Live Mode.
  • Improved the "Psychopathic Tendencies" aspiration goal completion tests to ensure that the goal is marked as completed when it is.
  • Added a tip to the "Horrifying Intimidation" reward moodlet to let players know how to disable the scary aura.


  • Food & Poison:


  • You can now poison any food.
  • Added a new interaction to food "Grab Serving For..." the selected sim will come over to eat the chosen food, this is handy if you want to poison a specific sim.
  • Sims who die from a poisoned meal can now be resurrected successfully.


  • Options:


  • Improved global options such as: Disable/Enable Cops, Disable/Enable Self Defense etc....
  • These options will no longer act up, for example: randomly get enabled/disabled on their own.
  • These options will now also apply to sims created after the option have been selected.

Huge thanks to ŁØŦ 51 for providing the script to make this possible.

  • Created a sub-piemenu for reactions options.
  • Added a new pie-menu and options for "Blood And Wounds":
  • Clean Blood Off Sim.
  • Clean Wounds Off Sim.


  • The Sim-Picker options now allow you to select the actor/target sim who has initiated the option.
  • Added sim picker options for Non-Deadly violence autonomy.
  • Sims with the Autonomous Killing option enabled will now choose from all murders instead of a few ones.
  • Disabled the mod's Options and non violent actions from appearing when clicking on toddlers/infants


  • Performance Improvements:


  • The older files of the mod have been un-merged and separated in correct packages, this resulted in a noticeable performance boost to the mod & game.
  • Optimizations have been made to the frequency of reactions to make for a smoother experience.


  • CAS & Outfits:


  • All tags have been removed from the mod's CAS Items, this resulted in the following:
  • NPC Sims will no longer randomly carry guns/knifes/stakes etc... as part of their outfits.
  • CAS Items from the Extreme Violence -Mod- will no longer show up in CAS UI unless you remove all filters (Masculine/Feminine), (Formal) etc...


  • General Changes/Fixes:


  • Fixed all tuning errors a

Huge Thanks to Scarlet @ScarletsRealm for educating me on their potential harm and suggesting helpful tools to identify the errors.


  • Removed duplicated entries from string tables (STBL)s.

Huge thanks to Frankk's STBL toolkit website for making this a piece of cake!


  • Sims who die from Spray uzi from car & open gunfire will no longer show a sim got murdered notification with a blank name.


  • Removed some restrictions from (High Schools):


  • Non-Deadly interactions have been enabled.
  • Unrealistic murders like (Throw Helicopter At), (Animalistic Murders) Etc... Have been enabled.


  • Removed miscarriage from the mod, for now, a pregnant sim will always dodge the "Punch Guts" attack, this will be improved in future versions of the mod for a unique outcome/animation without causing a miscarriage.

Note: This originally was added for realism purposes, but should've been implemented in a different way, I apologize if it made anyone feel upset.

  • Temporarily replaced the limping walkstyle (that sims do after getting beaten up) with a modified walkstyle to prevent routing issues, this is temporary and will be improved in the future with a fully custom walkstyle.
  • Choosing the same interaction (Murder/Violence) on multiple sims in continuation will now have your sim route correctly to the sims instead of performing the interaction from their current place.
  • Decreased the chances that a sim will start the murder animation at the wrong place.
  • Added a suicide prevention interaction inside of the "Hara Kiri" piemenu that has a heartfelt message along with links to suicide prevention hotlines in one's area.
  • The "Commit Suicide" piemenu has been changed to "Hara Kiri" inspired by Mortal Kombat.
  • Additional Credits:

  • OnyxAngel for assisting me with various mod related things like handling my discord server and bringing things to my attention.

  • The beloved late Scumbumbo for the XML Injector making it possible to poison food.

  • Triplis for updating the XML Injector


  • NisaK for updating the Tuning Error Notifier

    Thank you all so much for your contributions

Enjoy The Release And Thank You So Much For Your Amazing Support