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The Sims 4 Extreme Violence -MOD- V2.4 Release Notes:
Deadly Werewolves
 Unleash the fury of your beasts and have them brutally kill and rip out flesh pieces of other sims
 Become a beast hunter and slay them using different weapons



  • New Murders (4):

  • Rip Guts Out
  • Feast On Neck

    Both of these murders will give your sim a harvested piece of flesh that will be placed in your sims inventory.

  • Slay With A Silver Dagger
  • Slay With A Silver Sword

  • How To Enable The New Murders?:

    Animalistic Murders

    By default, the "Animalistic Murders" will be available for werewolf sims, however, if you don't have the werewolves gamepack installed or if you'd like to enable it for other types of sims you can enable them from the Extreme Violence -Mod- options category

    Extreme Violence --> Options --> Enable Animalistic Murders For --> Select the sims that you want to enable the murders for

    This will also give your sim the "Feast On Corpse" interaction, which will be available on dying sims.

    Occult Slaying

    By default, the "Occult Slaying" murders will be available against werewolf sims, however, if you don't have the werewolves gamepack installed or if you'd like to enable it against other types of sims you can enable them from the Extreme Violence -Mod- options category

    Extreme Violence --> Options --> Enable Occult Slaying For --> Select the sims that you want to enable the Occult Slaying against.

    Both murder types have autonomy options & club activities.


  • General Fixes & Changes:

  • Sims can now wash off more wounds using the "Wash Blood Off" in the shower!

  • Fixed food poisoning thanks to Triplis updating Scumbumbo's XML Injector & prevented the interaction to show up on empty plates.

  • Fixed "Stab With Candy Cane" Self Defense animation and stab wound.

  • Removed "Set On Fire" interaction against children.

  • Some immortal sims like "Mrs Crumblebottom" will now die when murdered.

  • Credits:

  • OnyxAngel for documenting the errors and reporting them to me.

  • Kuttoe for creating the script that allows interaction's to show up for certain limited buffs.

  • Frankk for helping with the custom death interaction making it possible for immortal sims to die.

  • Scumbumbo for the XML Injector making it possible to poison food.

  • Triplis for updating the XML Injector.

  • Lot51 for the custom death injector (Coming in future updates)

    Thank you all so much for helping out

Enjoy The Release And Thank You So Much For Your Amazing Support
I love You ♥

The Sims 4 Extreme Violence "MOD" V2.0 Release Notes:
Brutalities! Run a sim over with a car, blow them up with a helicopter, RIP their heart out or end their lives with iconic wrestling moves!
Hold sims at gun point and have sims shower you with money to spare their lives or spray all sims with an UZI while drifting in a car.
Start a murder holiday and watch the whole town kill eachother for a day. Watch the trailer here



  • New Murders (8):

  • Run Over With A Car
  • Throw Helicopter At
  • The Plunge
  • Super Kick
  • Super RKO
  • Tombstone Piledriver
  • Friendly Backstab
  • RIP Heart Out

  • All of the new murders include the self defense/dodge ability.

  • Holding A Sim At Gun Point For Money:

    *Available in the "Non Deadly Interactions" category
  • You can hold any sim at gun point in front of other sims to earn money
  • Sims around you will freak out and might call the police
  • The cops will arrest your sim if they arrived on the scene while you're holding someone

  • Spraying UZI out of a car:

    *Available in the "Extreme Violence" menu when clicking on self
    (Controlled Sim)
  • Your sim will hop on a car and start shooting at sims while drifting
  • Similar to the "Open Gunfire" interaction, but this one covers a wider range killing anyone standing in a circle near your sim

  • Murder "Holiday Tradition":

  • You can find the new "Murder" tradition in the calender when you create a custom holiday "Requires Seasons EP"
  • By selecting this tradition, all sims will start killing each other once the holiday starts, with no consequences.
  • Sims will not kill others that they have a 15% positive relationship with
  • You can exclude certain sims from participating in the tradition from the mod's option's menu.*
  • *Click on a sim --> Extreme Violence --> Options --> Autonomy --> Disallow/Allow Sim To Participate In The Murder Holiday Tradition.


  • Ripping A Sim's Heart Out:
  • After you rip a sim's heart out from the "Deadly Interactions" category, your sim will obtain that sim's heart and keep it in their inventory.
  • You can keep it as a trophy, sell it, or eat it to recover your hunger need OR your vampire's thirst & power.



  • General Changes & Fixes:

  • Sims can now "Wash Blood Off" in the shower!

  • Fixed a bug introduced in V 2.2 where sims would cancel the "Chat" interaction even if there's no murder happening.
    I apologize sincerely for this one

  • Decreased the chances of a sim passing out after getting attacked to 10% instead of a 100%

  • Obtaining a higher violent reputation will now count towards completing the "Psychopathic Tendencies Aspiration"'s reputation goals.

      **For example: having a murderer reputation will count towards completing the "Obtain The Violent Sim Reputation" or the "Offender Reputation" goals.


  • Sims with the "Psychopathic Tendencies Aspiration's "Reward trait "Horrifying Intimidation" will no longer be killed by witnesses if they have a "Murderer Reputation"

  • Grim Reaper will no longer beat up a sim when the "Disabled Grim Reaper's Negative Reactions" option is activated.


  • Fixed "Give (Sim Name) Money To Clear Up Bad Reputation" interaction bug & last exception and the text to display the selected sim's name instead of the controlled sim.

  • Removed the blank animations clip packs from the clip pack list in Andrew's Pose Player, Pose By Pack.

  • 3D Models used in this update:

  • Uzi 3D model by: TastyTony

  • Heart 3D Model by: adorezooey

    Thank you for sharing your great work

Enjoy The Release And Thank You So Much For Your Amazing Support
I love You ♥

The Sims 4 Extreme Violence "MOD" V2.0 Release Notes:



  • Self Defense System:

  • Every single murder & attack now has a chance of being dodged
  • Each weapon has it's own unique dodge animation
  • Multiple outcomes that work according to sims traits and relationship with the attacker
    Suggested by the players, thank you so much ♥

  • There's a 80% chance that the murder/attack will succeed by default
  • If the attacked sim has a higher "Fitness" skill than the attacker then they'll have a much higher chance of dodging the attack.

  • Sims who escape a murder might :

    -Run Away
    -Attack Back
    -Murder Back

  • Sims with a positive relationship with the attacker will tend to runaway instead of attacking back
  • Sims with a high negative relationship with the attacker will tend to murder the attacker
  • Sims with a "Good" trait will never murder the attacker

    Sims who escape an attack might :

    -Run Away
    -Attack Back

  • The self defense system can be turned off from the mod's options.

  • General Changes:

  • Added a new pie menu "Non-Violent Interactions" and moved all non violent interactions there
  • Removed the "Deadly With A Chance Of Survival" pie menu since it applies to all murders now and moved the choke to death to the "Deadly Interactions" pie menu
  • Removed the "Bully" interaction for now as it'll be introduced in a better way in future updates.
  • Changed the Mod's icon to a new one.
  • Changed the "Serial Killer" mechanic, sims will now only get the trait when they kill 3 sims or more.
  • Changed the buff the sim gets after killing someone to "Murderer" instead of "Serial Killer"

  • Added 5 murders from the "Life Tragedies" mod to this one.

Additional Update


  • Sims will no longer react negatively to your sim if you kill a "Zombie" from the "Zombie Apocalypse" mod using the "Extreme Violence" mod murder.
    *Note: Self defense is disabled for zombies.
  • Added an option to "Disable Grim Reaper's Negative Reactions" for killing more than 3 sims.
Self Defense!
 Attacked sims will now have a chance to avoid murder and attacks & might fight back or murder as a comeback!

Enjoy The Release And Thank You So Much For Your Amazing Support
I love You ♥

The Sims 4 Extreme Violence "MOD" V1.9 Release Notes:



  • New Murders:

  • Spray With Machine gun
  • Shoot With Shotgun
  • Slow-Mo Machete Slashes
  • Shawerma Machete Slices
  • Crack Neck
  • Crash Head With Booty

  • "Deadly With A Chance Of Survival"

  • Set On Fire "Using A Molotov"

  • Non Deadly Interactions:

  • Smash Head With Bottle
  • Perform Taekwondo Kicks "A martial arts looping interaction that works similar to the "Beat Up" interaction"

Additional Update


  • Sims will now limp after getting "Beaten Up" "Slap Dragged" "Taekwondo Kicked"
Murder Spree!
 End hated sims lives with 6 new murders using a range of new armed weapons or your sims bare hands or ....booty...?

Enjoy The Release And Thank You So Much For Your Amazing Support
I love You ♥

The Sims 4 Extreme Violence "MOD" V1.7 Release Notes:
Gangs! Populate the town with brutal gangs or join one yourself!
The Thotties & The HardWood, fight against them or alley with them in their brutal crimes. Watch the trailer here



  • Gangs

  • New gangs have been added to the mod "The Thotties & The HardWood"
  • You can invite the gangs to your sim's town from the new "Gangs Pie Menu" or you can have your sims join them without inviting the NPCS over.

  • Behaviours

  • Gang members will perform autonomous non-deadly violent interactions on sims around the town unless that sim is part of their gang

  • Having your sim join one of the gangs will protect them from getting attacked from the gang members
  • Your sim will start contributing in the gang behaviors autonomously upon joining the gang
  • Gang members will autonomously kill other gang members using their preferred weapon "Sai,Bat" and will also kill police officers
  • You can add any sim in town to a gang from the "Gangs" pie menu
  • The Thotties

  • A gang of female sims who like to seduce others and then attack them, they come from a slutty background and they work the pole when they're outside of town.

  • The Thotties will twerk for money, do seductive dances, Slap Sims, Slap Drag Sims, Snatch Sims Weaves, Impale other gang members with sais, seduce and "Backstab" police officers.

  • The HardWood
  • A gang of buff male sims who like to intimidate others with their bats and big muscles and then attack them, they come from an athletic background and they usually play basketball or hit the gym when they're outside of town.

  • The HardWood will show off their muscles, Punch Sims, Beat Up Sims, Intimidate Sims, swing other gang members heads with bats, kill police officers doing the "Death From Above" murder.

  • Gangs Fued

  • Gang members despise any other gang members outside their gang & their job is to haunt down and kill those members.
  • They will also react negatively when seeing a member of the other gang.

  • Gangs Outfits

  • Each gang has it's own unique premade outfit that gang members will show up dressed as.
  • You can Enable gang outfits for any sim that you want even if they're not in a gang.
  • You can Disable gang outfits for the gangs in case you'd like to dress them up the way you want.

  • Attacking Gangs

  • Attacking a gang member will have your sim "Marked For Harassment" by the attacked gang, members of the gang will focus their bullying on your sim and will attack your sim according to their behavior .

  • Murdering a gang member will have your sim "Marked For Death!" by the attacked gang, members of the gang will hunt down and kill your sim on sight according to their behavior .

  • Pay Gangs To Kill Someone

  • You can pay any gang member to kill a sim for you for (§2500)
  • Your sim will not gain any suspicion but the gang member will suffer the consequences

  • Gang Vibes

  • Each gang has it's own vibe and sims around them will react to that vibe according the the gang.

  • Sims who witness the thotties gang will act flirty but will get a stressed moodlet.
  • Sims who witness the hardwood gang will be surprised and will also get a stressed moodlet.

  • New Murders

  • Impale With Sais "Recreated From Mortal Kombat's Mileena Brutal Impales Brutality" Big Fan ♥

  • Swing With Bat

  • Backstab "Requires a 25 Romantic relationship with the other sim"

  • Death From Above

  • Open Gun Fire "Available in the extreme violence -Self- pie menu"
    With this interaction you can murder all the sims standing in front of the sim with the open gun fire at once.

  • New Non-Deadly Interactions

  • Kick Crotch

  • Kick Child

  • Snatch Weave

  • Fame & Reputation

  • Sims who perform any violent action in front of other sims will lose fame points and reputation points from both the "Get Famous" EP and the "Road To Fame" Mod

  • Sims will lose more points according to the number of witnesses, the more sims around the more points your sim will lose.

  • I've added options to disable Fame & Reputation loss "Each individually"

  • I've also added the option to enable fame "Gain"  upon being violent, so your sims could become famous by attacking or killing other sims.
    "Thanks to anyone who suggested this ♥"

  • New Household Options

  • Added new options to Enable/Disable:

    -Autonomous Killing
    -Non-Deadly Interactions

    For the entire household with one click

Additional Updates & Fixes


  • Fixed a glitch where sims used some murder interactions for the "Non-Deadly Interactions" Club Activity.
  • Fixed "Re-Enable Cops" option causing UI Glitches

  • The "Call The Cops" interaction now displays the right icon

  • Updated the police arriving notification
  • You can now kill "Father Winter" and "Skeletons" though skeletons will turn to humans first.

  • Kids will now stay knocked down for a longer time after getting slapped or kicked.

  • Sabotage a sim's reputation interactions & pie menu have been removed due to nun-solvable last exception error.

Enjoy The Release And Thank You So Much For Your Amazing Support
I love You ♥

The Sims 4 Extreme Violence "MOD" V1.6 Release Notes:
Locked Up Commit murders in new brutal ways! 
But be careful of someone calling the cops on you because you will get arrested.



  • Cops

  • Sims who witness you commit a crime might now call the cops on you
  • Cops will show up to the scene shortly after and will arrest the murderer in these conditions:

    -The witnesses have informed the cops about the killer
    -The witnesses have freaked out about the killer in-front of the cops
    -The cops witnessed the killer commit a murder

    Having a blood stain on a killer will make the cops suspicious but will not arrest them unless the conditions above have been applied.

  • Getting Arrested

    When a sim gets arrested they will be taken away by the cops with a helicopter and stay in a rabbit hole jail for 24 sim hours, after the time passes they will be sent back home.

    -You can also cancel the in-jail interaction of a playable sim if you don't want them to be in jail anymore.

  • Reporting Sims

    -You can report sims to the cops at any time by choosing the "Report Sim" interaction inside the "Extreme Violence" pie menu when clicking on a cop.

    -Cops will arrest a reported sim if the previous conditions listed above were applied or if a sim was "Framed" using the new "Frame Sim" Interaction found inside the "Non-Deadly" interactions of the "Extreme Violence" pie menu when clicking on a target sim.

  • Cops Options

    -If you don't want to have cops in your game OR if you don't want a certain sim to be arrested by cops you can turn that off in the options menu of the "Extreme Violence" mod.

    The options are:

  • Disable /Enable Cops
  • Exclude/Allow This Sim To Be Arrested

  • New Murders

    -Slice With Machette
    -Bash Head With Axe
    -Slit Throat

  • New Non-Deadly Interactions

    -Slap Drag
    Inspired and copyrighted by Xmiramira All Rights Reserved
    "This interaction works like the beat up interaction where the sim will go through multiple violent moves to the targeted sim"

    -Slap Child
    "This interaction will increase the slapped child's manners + emotional control but will lower their empathy"

    -Frame Sim
    "This interaction is used to have cops falsely arrest a sim if they were reported to them"

  • New Suicide Option

    -Slit Wrist

    *If you're someone who's dealing with depression and/or going through self-harm or having suicidal thoughts please come to my "We Care About You" discord channel
    https://discord.gg/FtZtSzf and we will talk about it ♥

  • Non-Deadly Autonomy

    -Added a new option "Enable/Disable Non-deadly Extreme Violence For This Sim"
    -Added a new club activity "Use Non-deadly Extreme Violence"

    -Using the "Autonomous Killing" option/club activity that was already implemented will now have sims only use "Deadly" interactions of the mod



Additional Updates & Fixes


  • Fixed the murder notification to display the right target's name
  • Fixed an issue where sims would get shot while sitting down or dancing which resulted in them going directly to the grave.

  • Improved the blood texture on a murderer sim after killing someone

  • Improved the blood puddle on the ground after killing someone

    A glitch that I'm aware of but couldn't fix yet:

    Sometimes when a killer is killing a sim while another sim is trying to interact with the killer, the sim who is trying to interact would die instead of the targeted sim.- I'm really sorry about this I still couldn't figure out what's causing this yet and I'm still trying to fix it.

Enjoy The Release And Thank You So Much For Your Amazing Support
I love You ♥