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The Sims 4 Extreme Violence "MOD" V1.6 Release Notes: Locked Up Commit murders in new brutal ways! 
But be careful of someone calling the cops on you because you will get arrested.



  • Cops

  • Sims who witness you commit a crime might now call the cops on you
  • Cops will show up to the scene shortly after and will arrest the murderer in these conditions:

    -The witnesses have informed the cops about the killer
    -The witnesses have freaked out about the killer in-front of the cops
    -The cops witnessed the killer commit a murder

    Having a blood stain on a killer will make the cops suspicious but will not arrest them unless the conditions above have been applied.

  • Getting Arrested

    When a sim gets arrested they will be taken away by the cops with a helicopter and stay in a rabbit hole jail for 24 sim hours, after the time passes they will be sent back home.

    -You can also cancel the in-jail interaction of a playable sim if you don't want them to be in jail anymore.

  • Reporting Sims

    -You can report sims to the cops at any time by choosing the "Report Sim" interaction inside the "Extreme Violence" pie menu when clicking on a cop.

    -Cops will arrest a reported sim if the previous conditions listed above were applied or if a sim was "Framed" using the new "Frame Sim" Interaction found inside the "Non-Deadly" interactions of the "Extreme Violence" pie menu when clicking on a target sim.

  • Cops Options

    -If you don't want to have cops in your game OR if you don't want a certain sim to be arrested by cops you can turn that off in the options menu of the "Extreme Violence" mod.

    The options are:

  • Disable /Enable Cops
  • Exclude/Allow This Sim To Be Arrested

  • New Murders

    -Slice With Machette
    -Bash Head With Axe
    -Slit Throat

  • New Non-Deadly Interactions

    -Slap Drag
    Inspired and copyrighted by Xmiramira All Rights Reserved
    "This interaction works like the beat up interaction where the sim will go through multiple violent moves to the targeted sim"

    -Slap Child
    "This interaction will increase the slapped child's manners + emotional control but will lower their empathy"

    -Frame Sim
    "This interaction is used to have cops falsely arrest a sim if they were reported to them"

  • New Suicide Option

    -Slit Wrist

    *If you're someone who's dealing with depression and/or going through self-harm or having suicidal thoughts please come to my "We Care About You" discord channel
    https://discord.gg/FtZtSzf and we will talk about it ♥

  • Non-Deadly Autonomy

    -Added a new option "Enable/Disable Non-deadly Extreme Violence For This Sim"
    -Added a new club activity "Use Non-deadly Extreme Violence"

    -Using the "Autonomous Killing" option/club activity that was already implemented will now have sims only use "Deadly" interactions of the mod



Additional Updates & Fixes


  • Fixed the murder notification to display the right target's name
  • Fixed an issue where sims would get shot while sitting down or dancing which resulted in them going directly to the grave.

  • Improved the blood texture on a murderer sim after killing someone

  • Improved the blood puddle on the ground after killing someone

    A glitch that I'm aware of but couldn't fix yet:

    Sometimes when a killer is killing a sim while another sim is trying to interact with the killer, the sim who is trying to interact would die instead of the targeted sim.- I'm really sorry about this I still couldn't figure out what's causing this yet and I'm still trying to fix it.

Enjoy The Release And Thank You So Much For Your Amazing Support
I love You ♥