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Armageddon -Mod-

v1.4 Release Notes:


  • Fixed all tuning errors a
  • Huge Thanks to ScarletsRealm for educating me on their potential harm and suggesting helpful tools to identify them.
  • Added Resurrect Sim + Reap Soul interactions available on dying sims, these can be unlocked by
    reaching the maximum
    Superpower/Dark power skills, Reap Soul will fill all of your sim's needs and reset the sim's age.
  • This was suggested by an anonymous source on my website, thank you so much for your suggestion!

Huge thanks to Kuttoe for creating the script that allows interactions to show up for certain limited buffs like "sim_is_dying" ♥

  • Sims can now be revived/resurrected successfully for all deaths occurring from the mod.
  • Improved the walkstyles for the Supervillains: Spawn Of Satan, Queen/Lord Of Chaos, End Of The World, including the played effects, amount of effects played & routing.
    Each walkstyle will now spawn effects around the sim in the world like
    flames, lightning, meteors.
  • Collapsing from Super Energy/Dark Powers deficiency will now regenerate more Super Energy/Dark Powers & at a faster rate.
  • Regenerating Super Energy/Dark Powers interactions will now automatically stop once the bar is filled.
  • Decreased the amount of Super/Dark power decay after each spell.
  • The warcry vocals that a sim shouts once gaining Super/Dark powers & while having an epic battle will now play for base game players.
  • Superhero from the Supervillain's Superhero Situation will now automatically have an epic battle with the Supervillain sim, but will only do it when the situation is active.
  • NPC Sims who get defeated in an Epic Battle will now leave the lot after waking up from being collapsed.
  • Removed extra effects that remained on the ground and didn't look correct during and after an Epic Battle.
  • Changed the attachment bones for some Special Effects so that they follow the sim during some animations instead of remaining in place on the ground.
  • Sims with CUSTOM immortality traits will now be able to die for deaths occurring from the Armageddon -Mod

Huge thanks to Frankk for helping with the script! ♥

  • Replaced the concoct food interaction's doughnut with cupcake to be base game compatible and prevent a last exception from occurring.
  • Interactions ran on your sims from Quests/Injustice like Be Fought by Superhero/Supervillain/Forces Of Evil/Forces Of Good etc... are now visible in your sims queue and can be canceled.
  • The camera will now focus on the serial Killer Sim upon arrival from the Serial Killer Quest.
  • The victim sim of the Serial Killer Quest will now correctly be visible upon arrival.
  • Selecting the "Panicking Sim" Quest from the Superhero's Quests menu will now correctly start the quest  instead of the Serial Killer quest.
  • Added an explosion sound for the "Deadly Explosions" Death from the Supervillain's Deadly Trails.
  • Added Pink Recolors for the 2D & 3D Superhero's outfits and shoes.
  • Removed tags from all of the mod's CAS items to prevent them from being equipped to random sims, they will also be hidden in CAS by default unless you remove all of the filters like (Color), (Body Frame) etc...
  • The Superhero's Teleport Here interaction will now display text correctly for Base Game players.
  • The Death By Helicopter crash notification will now display text correctly.
  • Corrected some balloon thoughts that sims do during animations.

Additional Credits:



Enjoy The Release And Thank You So Much For Your Amazing Support