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Passionate Romance -MOD- V 1.3 Passionate Romance -MOD- V 1.2 Passionate Romance -MOD- V 1.1
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  •  Added 10 new manual selfie/photo poses with 2 different angle for each pose making for 20 new unique romantic photographs!

  • Added a new interaction "Have Romantic Selfie Taken - Manually" this interaction switches the poses between the actor and the target sim.

  • Fixed a glitch where sims would use the goose "Pinch Butt" interaction randomly.

    1.1 B:

  • Fixed a glitch where romantic interactions would be available between related sims

  • The passionate romance pie menu is now completely hidden for kids & toddlers instead of being grayed out.

Compatibility:  "Requires base game only"

  •  Added 10 new manual selfie/photo poses!

  • Added a new interaction "Walk While Holding Hands" in 4 different speeds -Suggested By Players ♥-

    Note: This feature is new and still in beta phase, it's 100% safe to use it but might look glitchy/funky

    This feature is made possible thanks to Theo Jabalde

Compatibility:  "Requires base game only"

  • Added a new romantic interaction "Grind Dance"

  • The couple will go through different moves including kissing.

  • Inspired by "Dua Lipa's Physical Music Video"

Compatibility:  "Requires base game only"