The Sims 4 Road To Fame "MOD" V0.3 D Release Notes:





Get away from the stress & have some relaxing time

The new all in one "Celebrity Trailer" has everything You need!





  • Celebrity Trailer "Get Together"



-A new object has been delivered to Your games called "Celebrity Trailer"

-Your sims can "Relax" in the trailer to fill their needs & lower their tense moodlets

-You can Woohoo inside the trailer

-You can also change Your sims clothes & do other things from the "Walk In Closet" from  "Get Together"
-The object is inside the "Outdoor" section of "Build/Buy" mode
-Your sim will be rewarded with this object upon reaching "Fame Level 2"

-You can drag this object around in "Live Mode"
-You can put this object in Your sim's inventory and place it in world whenever You want.

*Note: This object currently requires "Get Together" Expansion Pack, it will be reworked to be "Base Game" compatible in future updates.


  • New Lot Traits


-Added a new lot trait "No Fans Allowed" To prevent Fans from showing up on a certain lot

-Added a new lot trait "No Paparazzi Allowed" To prevent Paparazzi from showing up on a certain lot


  • New Door Lock!


-Added a new door lock "Fans + Paparazzi" to prevent fans + paparazzi from entering a certain room or house.


  • New Interaction


-Added a new Interaction  "Facetime With" available on the actor sim when clicking on the "Road To Fame" menu.
The sim will start video chatting with the selected sim upon choosing this interaction.
Suggested By : XureilaYT  Thank You for the awesome suggestion ♥



  • Changes To Fans + Paparazzi

  • Fans will no longer show up at Your home or residential areas unless You start a  "Meet & Greet" event at Your home & they will go away after the event is over.

*Note: If Your saved game already contains fans on the lot they will show up once & then leave to never come back.

  • Fans + Paparazzi are now more lively in public places, they will follow Your celebrity sim around and interact with them when they spot the celebrity instead of them chilling at the edge of the lot.

    *If You don't want this feature You can click on Your famous sim --> Road To Fame --> Options --> Exclude this sim from being reacted to.


  • New Pie Menus
    NPC Sims now have a special pie menu for their own to make it easier for the player to select the special interactions.
    The new pie menus are:

  • Fan
  • Paparazzi
  • Bodyguard
  • Assistant
  • Celebrity
  • Magazine Photoshoot
  • "Perform Scene" is now outside the "Road To Fame" menu.

    You can now access these menus directly by clicking on a sim instead of going into the "Road To Fame" pie menu

Additional Fixes & Updates


  • Added a new option "Disable Promotional Offer Notifications" To disable the notifications that You get when You receive a promotional offer OR when You recieve a gift through Your sim's P.O Box.
  • You can now restart the "Meet And Greet" event even it's already running "In case You faced the -No Ui- Glitch"
How To

Enjoy The Release And Thank You So Much For Your Amazing Support
I love You ♥

The Sims 4 Road To Fame "MOD" V0.3 C Release Notes:





Have no more fear!
Cops are here for the rescue!





  • Cops New Features



-You can now "Call The Police" from the Road To Fame "Services Menu"

-Cops will show up to the scene & will ask You about Your emergency

-You can report sims to cops and they will arrest them in these cases:

  • The Sim is an "Obsessed Fan"
  • The Sim has been in a fight with someone and they won
    if someone slap dragged You, report them to the cops and they will take care of them
  • The Sim has recently murdered someone using "Extreme Violence" MOD
  • The Sim is covered with blood from "Extreme Violence" MOD
  • The Sim has recently became a partner in crime with someone from "Extreme Violence" MOD
  • The Sim has been "Framed" using the new "Frame Sim" interaction found in the road to fame menu

  • Cops will also arrest these sims autonomously if they were in their sights except for sims who won a fight.
  • If You add a "Cop" to Your household You'll be able to arrest any sim that You want from the road to fame menu
  • If Your Sim is in the "Detective" career from "Get To Work" Expansion Pack they'll also be able to arrest sims

    -The cop will arrest the sim by punching them in the face & placing handcuffs on their arms & then fly away with the suspect using a helicopter police.
    -The Suspect will then be sent to a rabbit hole jail for 3 sim days & the cop will come back to the scene.
    -If a playable sim got arrested You can have them come back home by canceling the "In Jail" interaction


  • Obsessed Fans Changes


-Added a new lot trait "No Obsessed Fans Allowed"

-Tremendously decreased the rate of obsessed fans showing up

-Obsessed Fans can no longer enter nor walk in Your house

-Obsessed Fans will now stay at a lot for a shorter time

-Decreased the rate of an obsessed fan harassing their idol

-Obsessed fans will no longer place "Death Flowers" on the floor since the player can't do anything with them, they will now gift them directly to their idols
-You can now stomp on "Death Flowers" left by obsessed fans to destroy them.

-Decreased the rate of obsessed fans placing wedding cakes, trash & ambrosia on the floor

-Fixed an issue where the "peeing" sound would keep playing after the "Obsessed Fan" has finished peeing


  • Meet And Greet Changes


Fixed a glitch where the New Door Lock! event UI wouldn't display unless You switch between sims.

-Fans/Paparazzi who attend the meet and greet event will now be in a group & You can select "Go Here Together" with them.

-Your Sim will now earn §5000 upon earning a gold level instead of §2500

-Your sim will now earn a happy buff upon earning a gold level "Meet And Greet Legend"






Additional Fixes & Updates


  • Added a new option "Remove Sim From Lot" to have an NPC Sim disappear from the lot
  • Added "Acting autonomy" option in the options menu
  • Added "Perform Acting" Club Activity
  • The "Disabled Reactions" trait has been disabled in CAS
  • Fixed an issue with "Promote Digital Book" interaction not showing up if Your sim doesn't have a "Simstagram" account
  • Disabled all CAS items from being generated for random sims
  • Fixed makeup brush displaying shadows on the wrists
  • Reduced the number of Acting scenes to "5" in the acting"Scene Photoshoot" event
  • Added a new interaction "Ask All Cops To Leave"
  • Fixed an issue where cops would fall out of the sky twice instead of once
  • Toddlers, Children & Pets will no longer appear in the "Simpicker" interactions that they can't perform
  • Fixed Simstagram "Take Selfie With" interaction not working if You select a sim from the "Sim Picker" menu
  • Reaching "Modeling" skill level 4 will no longer reward Your sim with "Camera On Tripod" object.
  • Added missing "In The Zone!" text for "In The Zone!" buff
  • Corrected some typos in the acting skill

Enjoy The Release And Thank You So Much For Your Amazing Support
I love You ♥

The Sims 4 Road To Fame "MOD" V0.3 B Release Notes:



Obsessed Fans


Be aware, those creepy obsessed fans will not leave Your famous sims

alone! They would do anything to get what they want from their idols





  • Obsessed Fans


     -A new type of NPC "Non Playable Character" that will stalk Your famous sims & do various annoying acts


-Obsessed Fans will start stalking a celebrity once they reach "Fame Level 3"

-Obsessed Fans will occasionally try to kiss & flirt with their idols

-They will fight with Your other fans

-They will pee on Your other fans

-They will pee on the floor

-They will rummage through Your garbage

-They will invade Your home and act as if they own it

-They will stare at Your famous sim while sleeping

-They will occasionally leave You un-desired gifts like:


  • Trash
  • A wedding cake
  • Death Flower
  • Ambrosia Dish



  • Additional Obsessed Fans Info


  • Obsessed Fans will only arrive at Your lot if Your sim reaches "Fame Level 3"
    -They will only stalk famous sims

       -They will also act like Your other fans but with un-desired interactions

       -You can have them leave the lot by selecting "Fight Obsessed Fan Away" found in the road to fame menu
       -You can spawn an obsessed fan from the "Road To Fame" > "Options" menu
       -Bodyguards + Cops should fight obsessed fans away autonomously





Additional Fixes & Updates


  • Added a new option > "Spawn An Obsessed Fan"
  • Fixed a typo in the Acting skill level up + Simstagram level up
  • Added Obsessed Fan info to the notification once sim reaches level 3 of fame

Enjoy The Release And Thank You So Much For Your Amazing Support
I love You ♥

The Sims 4 Road To Fame "MOD" V0.3 A "Acting" Release Notes:

Introducing The "Acting" Skill



Have Your sim become the most dramatic sim in town!


Reactions, fake emotions & drama! Does Your Sim has what it takes to become the next greatest actor?
 Get ready for video cameras directions & dramatic acting scenes!


  • Available Interactions


-Practice Acting - Level 0


  • Your sims can practice alone or with other sims


-Look At Sim - Level 0


  • The sim will keep looking at the selected sim as long as they're in sight


-Watch Acting Videos - Level 1


-Lose Self In Sadness - Level 1

  • The sim will perform different sad acts & other sims will be concerned for them




-Show Reactions "Menu" - Level 2
The sim can act any of the following reactions:

  • Confident
  • Flirty
  • Sad
  • Happy
  • Playful
  • Angry
  • Bored
  • Embarrassed


-Pretend To Threaten - Level 2

  • The sim will act intimidating against the target sim & then joke about it

-Fake Passing Out - Level 3 "Requires Get To Work Expansion Pack"

The sim will act as if they have passed out & other sims will gather around and be concerned for them



-Emotions "Menu" - Level 4
The sim can act any of the following emotions:

  • Confident
  • Flirty
  • Sad
  • Happy
  • Playful
  • Angry
  • Dazed
  • Bored
  • Embarrassed
  • None = Removes any acted emotion


Note: Sims death is disabled for "Angry, Playful, Embarrassed" Emotions, You'll have to stop acting that emotion if You want that sim to be able to die again



-Drama "Menu" - Level 5
The sim can act any of the following dramatic actions:


  • Act Shocked
  • Dramatic Gasp
  • Make A Scene
  • Turn Around In Shock
  • Turn Head In Shock - Left
  • Turn Head In Shock - Right
  • Sad Emotional Break Down
  • Angry Emotional Breakdown




  • Character Portrayal


-Upon performing any of the acting interactions Your Sim's character portrayal ability will increase!


  • Once Sim reaches 100 character portrayal points they will unlock they will start getting offers to appear in movies




  • Movie Scene Filming Offers


 rewards Your sim with fame level upon completing the shooting & 5000 simoleons


=You can choose to have the movie scene filming at Your current location, which will start the:


  • "Movie Filming Event"


-Professional Cameramen "NPC" Directors & Actors/Actresses will show up to Your sim's current location.

-The main goal is to perform 10 different acts with the other actors/actresses in front of the cameras
-You will have minor goals to complete which will be related to the event, for example: "Read Script"

-The Cameramen "NPC" will automatically record the scenes once You start acting.


=You can have Your sim complete the offer automatically by walking off lot.


To become famous over acting You have to successfully complete a "Movie Filming" event





New Interaction:

-Start Drama With Sim
The sim will start doing insulting interactions to the selected sim


  • Sims will start treating eachother negatively while performing this interaction
  • This interaction will impact Your sim relationship negatively with the selected sim
  • Sims around will witness the drama & will cheer their favorite sim "Like they do when 2 sims fight"


Additional Fixes & Updates


  • Added a new option "Delete P.O Box"/"Create P.O Box" For this sim, to disable or enable receiving occasional gifts from fans. "Gifts that drop from the sky"
  • Added new cheats to the options menu: "Increase The Acting Skill" & "Increase Character Portrayal Ability"
  • NPC Celebrities will no longer receive occasional gifts from the fans "Gifts that drop from the sky"
  • Fixed an issue with the "Call Bodyguards/Assistants Over" interaction displaying on the target sim instead of the actor sim
  • Fixed an issue with "Remove Sim From Household" not displaying the proper UI message and buttons if You removed the last sim from You household.
  • Fixed a last exception error that occurred with the "Stop Fixing Makeup Autonomously" interaction for the makeup artists "NPC"
  • Added text to "Receive gift from fans" Queue interaction
  • Fixed some typos in text

Enjoy The Release And Thank You So Much For Your Amazing Support
I love You ♥

The Sims 4 Road To Fame "MOD" V0.2 H Release Notes:




Your Sims can now give various gifts to eachother
And receive gifts from their fans!





  • Available Gifts


  • Added A New "Gifts" Sub-menu inside the "Road To Fame" Menu when clicking on a sim
    Which Includes:


  • Mic
  • Bed
  • Chair
  • Mirror
  • Rose
  • Flowers Vase
  • Toilet
  • Oven
  • Fridge
  • Bathtub
  • Treadmill
  • Sofa
  • Coffee Machine
  • Painting
  • Guitar
  • Trash



-Gifting A Sim will increase Your friendship with them.
-Celebrity Sims will get occasional gifts from their fans delivered wherever they are which will be placed in their household inventory
-Fans will autonomously give celebrity sims gifts when they are on the scene



  • Changes To "NPC Celebrities"

-You will now have NPC celebrities with 5 different fame levels when You choose "Populate town with NPC Celebrities"

-NPC Celebrities who's been added through "Populate town with NPC Celebrities" interaction will now display their fame levels above their head


A screenshot showing "NPC Celebrities" Fame Levels













  • "Remove Sim From Household" Interaction

-I've added a new interaction in the options menu to remove a sim from Your household.
-Click on the sim You want to remove while selecting them in the portrait panel --> Road To Fame --> Options --> Remove Sim From Household

The Sim will wave goodbye and will disappear from Your household..
-The sim will leave behind a grave as if they were dead but they are still alive in the world and You can call them over at anytime
-If You want to add the sim back to Your household, open the cheats box --> Insert "TestingCheats on" --> Hit Enter
Click on the grave while holding down "Shift" key & select "Add Ghost To Current Household"
The sim will now be back to Your household as a normal sim

-"Remove Sim From Household" interaction doesn't work on ghosts


Additional Fixes & Updates


  • Updated new text for games that uses languages other than English

Enjoy The Release And Thank You So Much For Your Amazing Support
I love You ♥

Happy Holidays!

The Sims 4 Road To Fame "MOD" V0.2 G Release Notes:




Your upcoming stars can now perform Simstagram & Modeling interactions
On their own & will mix them with  their daily lives






  • New Options


  • Added A New "Autonomy" Sub-menu inside the "Options" Menu when clicking on a sim
    Which Includes:


-Enable/Disable Simstagram Autonomy For This Sim
-Enable/Disable Modeling Autonomy For This Sim

-Enable/Disable Celebrity To Fan Autonomy For this Sim

-Enable/Disable Simstagram Autonomy For... "Sim Picker Interaction"

-Enable/Disable Modeling Autonomy For... "Sim Picker Interaction"


-Your sims will perform interactions from these skills and earn "Followers/Attraction Heat"



  • Club Activities

-Added a new club activity "Use Simstagram"

-Added a new club activity "Perform Modeling"


NOTE: for some odd reason You'll have to add an additional activity to Your club for these activities to work.
For example: Add "Use Simstagram" & "Watch T.V" for the activity to work in Your club gathering




Additional Fixes & Updates


  • Fixed the "Hire An Assistant Manually" Interaction
  • Updated new text for games that uses languages other than English
  • The "Browse Modeling Poses" Interaction will now show the proper icon in the sim queue

Note: I'm low key working on the next big feature for this mod but I'm not going to include finished work for it until I finish everything for it.

Enjoy The Release And Thank You So Much For Your Amazing Support
I love You ♥

The Sims 4 Road To Fame "MOD" V0.2 F Release Notes:



NPC Celebrities


Have Your Sims Town Populated With NPC Celebrities Or Create And Choose Your Own!
Your Sims Can Now Become Fans Of Their Favorite Idols





  • NPC Celebrities


     -A new type of NPC "Non Playable Character" that has all the features that were previously available for the player

that lives in Your town.


-NPC Celebrities has their own fans and paparazzi

-They will autonomously sign autographs for their fans or give them other favors

-You have the option to populate town with NPC celebrities or choosing a certain sim to become one from the options menu

-Your sim can become a fan of  the NPC celebrity and can ask them for different favors



  • Available NPC Celebrities Interactions


  • There are certain interactions that are available on all NPC Celebrities without having to become their fans first

       -Take A Photo Of Celebrity

       -Record A Video Of Celebrity

       -React To Celebrity
       -Ask To Sign Autograph
       -Ask To Take A Selfie

       -Ask To Take A Selfie Manually

       -Become A Fan Of Celebrity


  • Once your sim becomes a fan of the celebrity they will unlock additional interactions


       -Ask Celebrity For A Hug

       -Ask Celebrity For A Kiss On The Cheek

       -Ask Celebrity For A Kiss On The Lips

       -Ask Celebrity For On Spot Woohoo

       -Ask Celebrity For On Spot Try For Baby

       - Give A Rose

       -Stop Being A Fan Of This Celebrity


  • How To Add NPC Celebrities To My Town?


  • The NPC Celebrities feature is totally optional, It's Your choice to add them to Your town or not


     -To add NPC Celebrities to Your Sims World:

     -Click on Your sim --> Road To Fame --> Services --> Populate Town With NPC Celebrities


     -You can also choose certain sims to become NPC Celebrities from the options menu:

     -Click on the sim You want to turn into an NPC Celebrity--> Road To Fame --> Options --> Turn Into NPC Celebrity

     -Additionally You can remove sim from being an NPC celebrity if they were one.



  • Note: This is only the first release of the NPC celebrities, more interactions and features will be added to them in future updates of the mod



Additional Fixes & Updates


  • Cops will now only shoot at the sky ONCE per arrival
  • Turning Off Reactions for cops from the options menu will now stop them from shooting at the sky + from attacking Your Sim
  • Sims will no longer perform "On Spot Woohoo" Autonomously
  • Fans And Paparazzi will now spawn less at Your home lot
  • Added a new option "Turn Sim Into NPC Celebrity" --> "Remove As NPC Celebrity"
  • Added a new option "Turn Sim Into NPC Fan" --> "Remove As NPC Fan"
  • Added a new interaction "Call Assistants Over" --> becomes available if a hired assistant is in Your sim's town
  • Added a new interaction "Call Bodyguards Over" --> becomes available if a hired Bodyguard is in Your sim's town

Enjoy The Release And Thank You So Much For Your Amazing Support
I love You ♥

The Sims 4 Road To Fame "MOD" V0.2 E Release Notes:



Chaos & Emotional Breakdowns


Woohooing in public is now kind of dangerous if there were witnesses around





  • "On Spot Woohoo" Consequences


-Some sims who witnessed You woohooing in public might now call the cops on the sim.

-Cops will fight with sim who's been woohooing  in public and will fine them with §1000 & will result in fame & simstagram followers loss

-Your fans will try to protect You from the cops by intimidating them

-Your bodyguards will protect You from the cops by fighting with them



  • Emotional Breakdowns


  • If a sim got attacked by a cop they might have an emotional break down:



  • -Angry Breakdowns will have Your sim become angry and will have them fight with random sims in their way!
  • Sad Breakdowns will have Your sim become depressed



  • Added a new "Drinks" category for assistants


  • Available Drinks:


  • Water
  • Juice
  • Coffee
  • Green Tea
  • Ridgeport



Additional Fixes & Updates


  • Cops will now jump to the scene on arrival

 -Cops will now hold guns

 -Cops will now intimidate sims around by shooting at the sky


  • Assistants agency will now send a single assistant per phone call instead of multiple ones

-You might now have townies & male assistants sent by the agency


  • Changed the"Check Attractiveness" interaction icon to a thermometer


  • Fixed the "Exposed" buff mood from Energized to Embarrassed & changed the weight to 3 instead of 10


  • Removed career performance boost for famous and attractive sims as it was resulting in a glitch for players who didn't own certain expansion packs.
  • Selecting "Shoo Everyone" behaviour for bodyguards will no longer have important NPCS to leave like "Photographers & Assistants" and will only have fans and paparazzi to leave instead



Enjoy The Release And Thank You So Much For Your Amazing Support
I love You ♥

The Sims 4 Road To Fame "MOD" V0.2 D Release Notes:
The Sims 4 Road To Fame "MOD" V0.2 C "Assistants" Release Notes:



Introducing "On Spot Woohoo" & "Try For Baby



Woohoo wherever You want whenever You want in front of whoever You want!





  • Explanation


  • Added 2 new interactions
    -On Spot Woohoo
    -On Spot Try For A Baby

    These 2 interactions will unlock when other woohoo options are available "After the first kiss with a large romantic relationship" and they work like other woohoo and try for a baby interactions as well.


  • Sims will get jealous if woohooing with their partner
  • Paparazzi will take photos of the sims woohooing and will expose them on social media which will result in fame and simstagram followers loss if existed.
  • Woohooing or trying for a baby with fans doesn't require a romantic relationship.




Additional Fixes & Updates


  • Added a new interaction "Have Sim Leave"
  • Models can now "Have Photos Taken Automatically" If another model is starting a photoshoot event at the current household
  • Fixed assistants makeup looks "A + E" not starting an interaction after the latest patch
  • Fixed assistants "Purchase An Athletic Outfit" not starting an interaction after the latest patch
  • Sims will now stand up to "Strike A Pose" from the modeling category if they were sitting down instead of getting the outcome of the interaction without starting it
  • Striking poses to the paparazzi will now increase Your "Modeling" Skill
  • Updated "Patreon Supporters" list with players who purchased the $10 tier or higher



Enjoy The Release



Introducing the "Assistants" NPC



Have Your own personal assistants that will help You with Your daily life tasks wherever You go!



  • To hire an assistant click on Your sim > Road To Fame > Services > "Hire  An  Assistant" OR "Hire An Assistant Manually"




  • Available Interactions:
  • Orders:


  • Be Tidied Up
  • Have Feminine Photo Taken "Automatically - Manually"
  • Have Masculine Photo Taken "Automatically - Manually"
  • Stay Here And Clean


  • Snacks:
  • You can ask Your assistant to give You snacks at any time


  • Pizza
  • Doughnut
  • Coffee
  • Cake
  • Chips
  • Apple


  • Makeup:
  • You can ask Your assistant to fix Your makeup or give You a brand new makeup look!


  • You have 5 different premade makeup looks to choose from (A To E)
  • You can ask Your assistant to take off the premade makeup look at anytime


  • Outfits:
  • You can have Your assitant purchase You a new premade outfits that will generate randomly from any category


  • Purchase a new (Everyday,Formal,Party,Athletic,Sleepwear,Swimwear) Outfit
  • You can have up to 5 outfits per category



If You reached the limit of 5 outfits purchasing a new outfit will override the outfit after it.


You have 5 outfits in the everyday category & You have the everyday outfit "3" on Your sim, purchasing a new everyday outfit will override the everyday outfit "4"




  • Assistants will also get You additional promotional offers
  • You can ask Your assistant to dress out of the already selected premade outfit if You'd like to give them a desired look in CAS
  • You can have up to 4 assistants at a time
  • You can dismiss or fire an assistant at any time



Additional Fixes & Updates


  • Fixed an issue with Makeup brush & Blush box items showing shadows on wrists
  • Decreased the time rdaequired to complete the "Automatic Magazine Photoshoot" offer
  • Bodyguards will now stay with Your sim for a longer time
  • Modeling interactions will now increase Your fun meter
  • Fixed "Makeup Artists" Outfit appearing corrupted in some games
  • Appealing to sims from being attractive will no longer increase the romantic relationship between sims



Enjoy The Release

The Sims 4 Road To Fame "MOD" V0.2 B Release Notes:



  • Attractiveness Heat can now increase up to 200 Simrenheit


  • Models can now give "The Kiss Of Flames" to other sims upon reaching 150 Simrenheit heat


-The kissed sim will get singed

-There's a chance that the kissed sim will catch on fire



  • Models can now "Strike A Flaming Pose" upon reaching 200 Simrenheit heat


-Sims who witness Your flaming pose will get singed

-There's a chance that Sims who witness Your flaming pose will catch on fire


  • Bodyguards
  • Fans
  • Makeup Artists
  • Cops


Will automatically extinguish sims who are on fire if They were standing close to them.

-You can turn off automatic extinguish for those sims by choosing "Disable Reactions For This Sim" from the

mod's options menu


  • Paparazzi will take photos of the sim on fire



-Models will now check their attractiveness using a thermometer instead of checking their phone


-Models can now "Spray Breath Spray" upon reaching Level 2 of the modeling skill


-Models can now "Brag About Modeling" to other sims upon reaching Level 3 of the modeling skill


-You can now ask "Photographers" & "Makeup Aritsts" NPCS to leave the lot


  • -You can now ask "Makeup Artists" NPCS to "Stop Fixing  makeup autonomously"


-Additionally You can ask them to "Start Fixing makeup autonomously"


-Sims with 150 Simrenheit heat will get paid §5000 For completing a magazine offer


-Sims with 200 Simrenheit heat will get paid §10000 For completing a magazine offer


-Sims might now "Blow A Kiss" when they witness an attractive sim who is appealing to them from the "Attractiveness" menu instead of always coming up to the sim.


-Makeup artists will now clean off "Singed Sims" dirt if they got burned and extingueshed when they fix their makeup


-Fixed An Issue With "Manually Hired Bodyguards" Being stuck in a looping follow sim interaction




Enjoy The Release

The Sims 4 Road To Fame "MOD" V0.2 A "Modeling" Release Notes:

Introducing The "Modeling" Skill



Have Your sim become the hottest sim in town!


Sexy poses, staying in shape, attracting sims & appearing on magazines! Who doesn't like to brag about being a model?

with enough practice and dedication Your sim can become the hottest in town and attract all kinds of Sims!


  • Available Interactions


-Browse Modeling Poses - Level 0


  • Attempt to strike a pose - Level 1





  • Your sim might fail at striking a pose until they reach level 5 of the modeling skill


-Check Attractiveness - Level 1


-Gussy Up - Level 2


-Spray Fragrance - Level 2


  • Increases Your sim's hygiene & will have Your sim smell good.
  • Sims might react to Your sim for smelling good
  • Sims will like You better when having fragrance on


-Eat An Apple - Level 3


  • Exercise   - Level 3



-Set ups





  • Take Pills - Level 4


-Digestive "Will help Your sim lose weight"

-Nauseating "Will help Your sim lose weight"

-Muscle Enhancing "Will increase Your sim's muscle mass"


  • Have photo taken  Level 5





  • Dua Lipa - New Rules Routine - Level 5


-Fans-Bodyguards-Makeup Artists-The Grim Reaper


Will join You doing the routine if they were standing close by.


  • Attractiveness


-Upon performing any of the modeling interactions Your Sim's attraction heat will increase!


  • Once Sim reaches 100 attraction heat they will unlock the following:


-Attract Male Sims


-Attract Female Sims


-Attract Both Genders


Upon selecting this interaction Sims will be turned on by Your model sim & will try to flirt with You in various ways which will increase Your friendly & romantic relationship with them.


-You can stop attracting sims at any time. by selecting "None" from the "Attractiveness Menu"


  • Magazine Photoshoot offers



 rewards Your sim with 60 fame points for each photoshoot & 2500 simoleons


=You can choose to have the photoshoot at Your current location, which will start the:


  • "Photoshoot Event"


-Professional Photographers "NPC" & Make Up artists will show up to Your sim's current location.

-The goal is to have 5 photos taken by the photographers

-The makeup artists will automatically fix the model's makup & You can also ask them to fix the makeup for You manually.

-To stop the makeup artists from automatically fixing Your makeup choose "Disable Reactions For" and select the makeup artists


=You can have Your sim complete the offer automatically by walking off lot.


To become famous over modeling You have to successfully complete 2 "Magazine Photoshoot" events


Modeling career is planned for future updates.


Changes & Fixes


-You can now hire bodyguards manually from a sim selector menu


-You will now get charged for requesting a bodyguard after the bodyguard arrives and starts working for You instead of when calling the agency.


-You can now click on "Bodyguards" and select "Hire  As Personal Bodyguard" if they weren't working for anyone.


-Fixed an issue where bodyguards were not getting "Dismissed" or "Fired"


  • Fans and paparazzi should no longer enter Your house.... "I really hope they stay out this time"

for the time that I've been testing the mod in no fans or paparazzi entered My house.

If You notice any of them in Your house report it to me please, I keep trying out different solutions to stop this on each update.


-Fans are now more lively when They're standing alone & will do different activities in their place to occupy their time until the celebrity sim comes out.


-Fans will now sometimes have hearts float above their heads when they see their idols


-Changed the money symbols from "$" to "§" for all texts.


-Added a new category for "Camera On Tripod" Object to have photos taken for modeling.




Enjoy The Release

The Sims 4 Road To Fame "MOD" V0.1 E Release Notes:

Introducing "Bodyguards" NPC


-Your sims can now hire bodyguards


-To hire a bodyguard click on Your sim > Road To Fame > Services > Hire A Bodyguard


-The bodyguard will stay with Your sim for 12 hours, and it costs $500 per bodyguard


-You can hire up to 8 bodyguards at a time


-Any sim can hire a bodyguard even if they don't have any fame/simstagram followers.


-The bodyguards will follow You wherever You go & You can travel with them by selecting them while traveling anywhere.


-Fans/Paparazzi will stand further away to cheer/take photos of You while having a bodyguard around Your celebrity sim.


-You can set the behaviour of bodyguards & give them orders to do specific things.




-Act Natural

-Act Intimidating

-Shoo Everyone "By selecting this behaviour the bodyguard will ask fans/paparazzi to leave by default.




-Order to slap a sim

-Order to throw a drink at a sim

-Order to fight a sim


upon selecting any of these interactions You'll get a sim picker menu to choose the sim You want the bodyguard to attack.


be careful when choosing these interactions as attacked sims might sue You for $500 & You'll lose fame upon being sued, they will mostly not sue You.


-You can also ask the bodyguard to stay in a specific place if You don't want them to follow You & ask them to follow You when You want them to follow Your sim again.


-You can also dismiss or fire the bodyguard whenever You want.


Your Sims can now take "Thirst Trap" selfies upon reaching Simstagram level 5


-Your sim will change into their sleepwear, take a selfie then switch back to their previous outfit


-Your sim will get a romantic relationship benefit after taking a thirst trap selfie as long as the "Thirst Trapping" buff exists


-The sim who took a thirst trap selfie might get shamed online for posting a revealing photo.


-Your Sims can now take "Manual" photos and selfies while sitting down



-Fans and paparazzi will no longer enter Your house Unless You're starting a meet and greet event at Your house

-Optimized the "Meet and greet" event to improve performance & reduce lag

-You will now get less notifications and thought bubbles from fans and paparazzi "To Improve Performance"

-Paparazzi might now ask You for an exclusive interview for $500

-You will now have fans that already live in Your town like "Bella Goth" "Bob Pancakes" once You reach "Fame level 4"

-Fixed an issue where Paparazzi didn't put their microphone out while answering questions if You had a negative relationship with them

-Fixed an issue where Fame Level 4-5 didn't give You relationship and career performance benefits

-Corrected the $ placement to be before the amount of money instead of after it.

-CAS objects used by this mod like "Paparazzi's Camera" "Notepad" are now hidden in CAS

Enjoy The Release